About Sulzer Grayson…

Sulzer Grayson is the Largest Independently Owned Motor Service Facility in the Gulf South.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Workmanship combined with Timely Delivery not only reduces Downtime; but, also assures that the repaired motor will remain in operation for many years.

Partnerships with all Major Motor Manufacturers means that original data is available, and that Upgrades can be made with confidence.

New Motor Inventory of Low and Medium Voltage Motors. IEEE-841 and API-661 Designs, along with Vertical Motors in stock

Storage and Motor Management of Critical Spares in more than 90,000 Square Feet of company owned warehouses.

Extensive Management Experience with Critical Motor Repairs for Large Induction and Synchronous Motors means that you can depend on the work being done right the first time.

Constant Communications throughout the Repair Process provide important and timely information to all parties involved – from Reliability to Operations.

High degree of Ethics means that only the required repairs are suggested and implemented – avoiding the added cost and time of unnecessary Rewinds and Lamination Restacks when they are not needed.

Critical Motor Surveys, Large Motor Parts Analysis, and Contingency Planning offer you an opportunity to make decisions that will reduce future costly Downtime situations.

Training offered on a continuous basis, both Onsite or at our Facilities.

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